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  • Consultant

    Strategic Marketing

    Every website has a unique target market. We develop a strategic marketing plan for each client that brings converting traffic to you.

  • Strategy

    Social Media Marketing

    We develop successful social media campaigns that increase brand awareness and traffic. Facebook, Boards, Twitter & More.

  • Optimization

    Campaign Optimization

    We closely monitor all marketing campaigns, expanding campaigns that work, and dropping the campaigns that don't convert.

  • Content

    Design & Development

    Articles, Blogs, Videos, Banners, Landing pages - Our designers & freelancers create all the materials for campaign success.

  • About Market Mofo

    Market Mofo is your in-house marketing department. We develop successful marketing plans and campaigns to grow your online business. Our Mofos have the knowledge & experience you require in Social Branding, Ad Placement, Link Trading, Search Engine Optimization and Email Marketing. Our services are billed on an hourly basis, allowing us to customize your marketing plan to fit your exact needs. Our rates are as low as $30 per hour!

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    If you are ready to get more traffic and more sales, contact us by clicking the link below.